On-Site Vision™ ServicesOn-Site Vision Minnesota

Our goal is to optimize the visual potential of each patient regardless of age or disability. Using the latest technology, optometrists can determine a prescription without patients’ verbal responses. We understand the importance of prompt response for vision needs, and requests for optical services are usually met quickly, usually within two business days.

Our on-site licensed optometrists make patients feel comfortable – in their own settings. We’re also members of organizations that promote ongoing professional standards, assuring a high standard of care. We’re available to assist with many vision-related treatments and services, including:

  • Cataract evaluation
  • Diabetic exams and referrals
  • Evaluation of patients with no record of eyecare
  • Eyewear orders and prescriptions can be filled by our professional opticians
  • Eyewear repairs and adjustments
  • Glaucoma testing and treatment
  • Ophthalmologic and specialty referrals
  • Red eye evaluation and treatment
  • Evaluation of patients with macular degeneration, implants, multiple sclerosis, strokes, or one blind eye, etc.
  • Vision examinations, including the use of auto-refractors and retinal imaging when indicated

Did you know:

For most nursing home residents age 65 or more, an annual eye exam is considered the normal standard of careContact us to schedule an on-site visit or for more information about our services.