CapTel Captioned Telephone Program

What is Captel?

Captel 840i Captioned Telephone

Captel 840i Captioned Telephone

CapTel is a Captioned Telephone that works like any other phone, but with one main difference: it displays every word the caller says throughout the entire conversation. CapTel phone users can listen to the caller, and can also read what the caller says on the display screen. To be eligible for a CapTel phone, you must be certified by a hearing health professional that you have a hearing loss and would benefit from a captioned phone (applicable only to free internet based phones).

How Much Does CapTel Cost?

The CapTel captioning services are FREE¬†once certified by one of On-Site Hearing’s audiologists. There are no monthly fees, and no service agreements. Your existing monthly phone bill (if applicable) doesn’t change. Installation is free as well!

There are two different types of CapTel phones: analog and internet. If you have high speed internet, then you will receive the internet phone, which is a free phone¬†that works with your internet. If you don’t have high speed internet service, and only have an analog phone line, then the 840 model is available for purchase for $75, payable to CapTel.

Free Internet Phone Options:

  1. 840i: Pictured to the right, this phone has captioning and amplification features built in.
  2. 880i: Similar to the 880i, but with a larger screen for the visually impaired.
  3. 2400: Has incorporated touch screen for ease of use.

How Does CapTel Work?

You can dial the other person’s number, just as you normally would on any other phone. You then activate the free captioning service by pressing a “Captions” button. The captioning service then transcribes everything the other caller says into captions, so you can read what is said.

How CapTel Works

Are CapTel Phones Amplified?

Yes! Not only do CapTel phones display the conversation on the screen, but they are also amplified to assist with hearing the conversation as well. This amplification also has a tone adjustment built in, so the listener can make higher pitch sounds lower, so they are easier to hear.

How Can I Get Certified?

To qualify for a free phone, you must have some degree of hearing loss as certified by an audiologist. The Doctors of Audiology at On-Site Hearing are ready to certify you! Simply call to make an appointment, and an audiologist will come to you to determine if you qualify by performing a hearing evaluation.

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