Service Guarantee, Warranties and Returns

The On-Site Service Guarantee

It is our goal to provide the highest quality care and satisfaction to our patients, and to improve their quality of life. To that end, it is our guarantee that our patients are 100% satisfied with every single On-Site Care experience. If, for whatever reason, one of our patients is not satisfied with the service they receive, let us know and we will try again at NO ADDITIONAL COST. Not completely satisfied with your routine foot care? Are your hearing aids or glasses not working quite right? Simply let us know, and we’ll correct the problem FREE OF CHARGE.

Returns and Warranties

There can be many factors that determine return periods and warranties. Insurance, brand, special circumstances, and specialty all play a role in determining a return period and/or warranty.

Because each of our services are slightly different, we’ve placed our return and warranty information on individual pages to keep things as clear as possible. Please follow the links below to find the return and warranty information that interests you. If you have questions about specific warranty or return information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Audiology Return/Warranty Information

Podiatry Return/Warranty Information

Optometry Return/Warranty Information