Calendar Duties




Mop Floors

Straighten Games

Put out Pulls




Post Day Sheets in Accounting Books

Audit Gun Book

Audit Pawn Tickets

Pull Pawn Tickets

Write Pay Check

Titles - Collection and Repo

Checks - Collection and DA

Gatlin Guns



Tickets to Sheriff

State Sales Tax usr:144pawn pwd:g3

Count Guns

Write pay Checks

Audit Form

Credit Card Statement

Order M&M

Order new guns

Order Amunition

Post Credit Card Transactions on Day Sheet

Bad Checks - certified letter and take to Sheriff




Quarterly Taxes usr:144pawn pwd:g3

Pull Overlooked Pawns

Oil Guns



May-June - Look for bank auditors.

April - Stop loaning as much. These are the lean cash months.

October - Renew your Permits  September 30th

October - Business License yearly fee

October - Pawn license yearly fee

September - Yearly yard sale

October - Renew Weights and Measures Online at

February - Taxes Trinity Accounting 1812 Wilmer Avenue 256 237 7895 "ADAM"

April and May - Very slow - They have tax money

ATF Audit

Bills to Pay

Electric 300 act#00675-44003 webcode 345839

Cable 60  act# 23410-191152-01-1 8775700500 press 3 for business

TV act#25381874237

Phone act#76830 accesscode RA67649

Water  act#3/2535-2 pin 6518

Alarm System ADT act#733253

Rent 1100

Regina 1200

David 800

Brad 400

Health Insurance 411 This is Dads

Alexandria Supply 30

Dumpster 35  Republic Services act#3-0633-0019306

Pest Control 40

Dontation 100

State Taxes 100

Pawn Insurance 200

Security 40

Advertising 200

Bank Audit Fee 10

Repo Fees 50

Blank Pawn Tickets 25

2800 / month

2800 / month (clerk) 33.5 / year

5600 / month

67200/ year

In 219 (INT) + 36(S) - 67(Exp) = 188 -20 (Bon) = 160



Gun Issues

Pre 68 No Serial number

Don't take hand guns if serial number scratched off

Fill out multiple gun form on 2 hand guns purchased in 30 days.

Get a police report on gun pickups

Shiping a Gun.

  1. Only ship to an FFL

  2. Get thier FFL Sheet

  3. Mail copy of thier FLL to go with the gun.

  4. Put a copy of thier FFL sheet with a 4473 and file.

  5. Enter thier FFL number as the reciptiant of the gun in the gun book.


4473 Form Issues

Make sure bottom signed on DELAYED then PROCEEDED forms.


Gun Count Issues

More in Book than in Store

Double Entry into the Book.

Not wirtten out (Check Gatlin or Layaway.)

Black powder written in book

Miss counted guns

Pulled layaway with out writing out.

Two guns in one case

Go back another month looking for guns written out using forms you may have missed

Look at Brads stuff.

Two guns sold only one written out.

Gun Stolen

Carried out to show someone.

Form is in the front of the Gun book but not written out.


More Guns in Store than in book.

A Pawn ticket has two guns one not written in the book.

Counted a black powder.

Gun not writted into the book.

Double Entry into the book.

Miss count guns.

Check Brads stuff. - Look through last months Brad's Pawn tickets

Gun Writen into the book that should have been writen out. - Check 4473 forms to see if writen out correctly.

Gatlin has gun we didn't write out.

Gatlin gun came back and we didn't write back in.

Trade not written into the book.

A gun entry not erased good and counted.

A fun in the store that has been written out look ahead of that date and see if we recieved it back.

Look over the NICS numbers in the book to make sure there are no mark throughs accidentally counted.


Daily Cash Count Issues

April May and June - Loan bare minimum. they're not coming back.

July August and September - More of the same.

October November and December - Loan more because of taxes.

January February and March - More of the same.